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Privacy    Statement
Puyang Binder Chemical Co., Ltd. is aware that the security of your private    information from the use of our website is an important concern. We take the    protection of your personal data very seriously. Therefore we would like you to    know what data we maintain and what data we discard. With this privacy    statement, we would like to inform you about our security measures.

Collection of Data
You can use our website without disclosing your personal data. You are not    required to provide personal information as a condition of using our site,    except as may be necessary to provide you a product or service at your    request. When you use our website, data may be stored for various security    purposes. This data may include the name of your internet service provider,    the website that you used to link to our site, the web sites that you visit    from our site and your IP address. This data could possibly lead to your    identification, but we do not use it to do so. We do use the data from time    to time for statistical purposes, but maintain the anonymity of each    individual user so that the person cannot be identified. In cases when    personal data is provided to others to provide you products or services you    have requested, or for other purposes you have authorized, we rely on    technical and organizational means to assure that applicable data security    regulations are followed.

Collection and processing of personal data
We collect personal data only when you provide it to us, through    registration, completion of forms or e-mails, as part of an order for    products or services, inquiries or requests about materials being ordered and    similar situations in which you have chosen to provide the information to us.
The database and its contents remain at our company and stay with data    processors or servers acting on our behalf and responsible to us. Your    personal data will not be passed on by us or by our agents for use by third    parties in any form whatsoever, unless we have obtained your consent or are    legally required to do so.
We will retain control of and responsibility for the use of any personal data    you disclose to us.

Purposes of Use
The data we collect will only be used for the purpose of supplying you with    the requested products or services or for other purposes for which you have    given your consent, except where otherwise provided by law.

Right of Access and Correction
You have the right to review and amend any personal data stored in our system    if you believe it may be out of date or incorrect. Just send an e-mail to the    address given in the imprint or contact at the address below.

Right of Cancellation
 You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent to the use of your    personal data in the future. Again, just send an e-mail to the address given    in the imprint or contact  at the    address below.

Data Retention
 We only retain personal data for as long as is necessary for us to render a    service you have requested or to which you have given your consent, except    where otherwise provided by law (e.g. in connection with pending litigation).

 Binder uses technical and organizational security precautions to protect your    data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons.    Any personal data that is provided to Binder by you will be encrypted in    transit to prevent its possible misuse by third parties. Our security    procedures are continuously revised based on new technological developments.

How to Contact Us
Please contact us with any questions about the way in which we use personal    data.
     Puyang Binder Chemical Co., Ltd.
     West of Shengli Road, E&T    Development Zone, Puyang, Henan Province,
     457000, China
     Tel: (86-393) 8070100
     Fax: (86-393) 8070800
     You can also contact us through the Contact Us page

Updates to Our Privacy Policy
From time to time, we may update and timely post revisions to this Privacy    Policy. Any changes will be effective immediately upon the posting of the    revised Privacy Policy. If the Privacy Policy changes in a way that    significantly affects how we handle personal information, we will not use the    personal information we previously gathered in the manner described in the    new policy without providing notice and/or obtaining your consent, as    appropriate. Minor changes to the policy may occur that will not significantly    affect our use of personal information without notice or consent. We    encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on    our privacy practices. This Privacy Policy was updated as of the effective    date listed above.

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