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Address:No. 76, West Shengli Road, National E&T Development Zone, Puyang, Henan, China
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Position: International documentation specialist



1, Responsible for booking ship, customs clearance, make CO and other customs clearance documents;

2, Be familiar with LC operation

3, Responsible for the internal material management and related report forms production;

4, Other daily work matters.


Basic Qualifications, Experience, Skills & Education Required:

Education Background:College degree or above

MajorInternational Trade or Business English 

Knowledge and skills:

Be familiar with the import and export trade documents operation;

English CET-4 or above, fluent in communication and writing; 

Be proficient in using OFFICE software.

ExperienceMore than 1 year in import & export experience is preferred.

PersonalityHave a strong sense of responsibilities; team player; proactive and high efficient. Be patient and careful. Have excellent learning ability.


Contact: Peter Qi    Tel0393-4662488/ 13721761900

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